Wednesday, December 9, 2009


inspired by the hiphopconsultant

1. Was there a disconnect with those sympathetic to a victim of domestic violence? Those adult women who were disgusted by what Chris Brown did not care too much for her regardless.

2. Are the teenage girls blaming her for 'trying to ruin his career' and therefore not supporting her? Something I've heard continuosly.

3. Is the overlysexed bad girl image coming off as a fraud? For us that's pretty much it. This era comes off as a chick trying to act like something she's not. You can't can beat up and sing about how :"hard" you are. Just not believable. This is more Gaga impressions than the Rihanna we grew to love (even with the edge that Good Girl Gone Bad brought). This is just trash.

4. This is just a slow start, she's never done big numbers early. Well first, this is the second week and she's never dropped this far down before. We suspect it has to do with rumors of Def Jam buying copies of the album to give a good first week impression (as they are rumored to always do). As a result the majority of their artist take a nose dive in the subsequent weeks, reflecting the lack of interest that would have been reflected had they not bought albums. Second, this album did not get the promo of her last 3 albums. After her last album Rihanna entered the league of those expected to recoup the major dollars put out in promo, hence that argument is no longer valid. Not to mention the loss in selling the album for 99 cent. Also, the fact that she has no longstanding top 10 singles on the hot 100 suggests that there is no reviving this album. The only potential I see is the latest single and that was made for urban. In other words, it's a wrap for this era. Maybe they will do the usual 150 rereleases with new songs to bring back some interest.

5. Does the album just suck? At the end of the day isn't that what its all about. That American Idol dude has gotten a lot of flack yet he's still in the top 5 2nd week in a row. Susan Boyle with all her psycho antics before even releasing a record has sold 1 million copies in the US in 2 weeks with no video. Finally, unlike her previous efforts, not even the europeans are feeling this album. No #1s (or top 5) in any country to date.

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