Thursday, December 3, 2009


So...The Dream is responsible for 90% of the hits on urban radio yet he can't get a Grammy nomination for songs he wrote for himself. Instead of being happy that Single Ladies became the biggest song in the world this year(relatively speaking...i hate when Americans say "the world" as though they are the only ones that matter, but i digress...), and got a song of the year nod (among many others) which is a nod to him and a reflection on his writing, he can't belive his solo work got snubbed. But you would feel some kind of ways if some bird looking feather named Skeri Wilson (that noone has really heard of) got a nomination before you too wouldn't you? All evidence to the fact that with the right connections and money you too can be a grammy nominee/winner. Considering the fact that he's signed to Def Scam (where part of your budget is in buying your albums themselves) I can't believe they weren't able to get him a nod. Maybe it was an oversight or there was a delay of the check in the mail...either way, he vented on twitter.

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