Wednesday, December 30, 2009


First off I'd be ashamed to show my face on this special. Grown ass women.. I know the stats are true and yes most black men don't see the urgency in getting married at a young age. And yes more black men don't have college degrees etc... but seriously...listening to these women is a total SMH experience. First, the old bish listing one of her standards as requiring a dude over 6ft 5 inches. Bish you 34 years old seriously that's a standard you want to highlight on this special? Offcourse now it's been lowered to about 6ft 1inch or maybe eye level. What about the lady who had the great convo with the guy but the guy didn't ask for her number? Is there something the fuk wrong with your voice all of a sudden to ask for his? WTF? Another stand out was the other woman saying well even if all the standards are met there still has to be chemistry and attraction...[translation] that one unexplainable standard that she just has to feel in the pit of her stomach. GTFOH

Seriously those are the "standards" they're lowering? These women really need to reprioritize and come out of this fantasy world they are living in. If that's the case don't be mad if you don't meet the standards of the dude that wants a woman with an azz as big as Trinas with a waist of Ciara's. It's equally as assinine (no pun intended)

The end all though was when they added Steve Harvey in the mix for credibility. I'm done.....

Lets not forget the theme song now is "Single Ladies?" I can only assume old lady #4235 idolizes the singer's relationship. Does she realize that song is by a woman [with no high school diploma] who is married after a 7 year relationship to a man [with no high school diploma] old enough to be her father with the reputation of sleeping with every woman he's encountered and by most standards not the most attractive....Would they consider that "lowering their standards" or does the money, trips, and fame that he has now trump whatever standard he probably would not have met 15 years ago when he was their age? Basically I can bet money that if a guy dropped out of high school and was less than 6ft however was rich due to some great investment he made that would meet their standards right? Is "high standards" really the new term for "gold digging." **sings** back then they didn't know me, now i'm rich they all on me

Furthermore, what happens if the man with their standards all of a sudden doesn't meet it anymore (ie legs get cutt off and now they are 4ft 3 inches or can't find a job or pay the bills even though he has that doctorate degree)? Divorce? These titles, finances etc can and might go away. Then you are stuck with the person. What that person can and will do for their family in challenging times. What good is a man that meet these standards of a 6 figure salary at 6ft 5inches that wants to marry you at 30 when he'd rather commit suicide if he lost his job and couldn't find work..that meets his standards; as oppose to that college dropout dude at 5ft 7 inches who's worked all his life with a steady income and believes there is nothing too low for him to do in order to make sure his family is taken care off in trying times? No this is not a promotion of half assed uneducated short men. No I'm not saying a degree and attraction is not important. I'm saying character is more important. Also, it's one thing to have standards but these old bishes don't know wtf "standards" should be. More importantly I don't think in their last few primable years, these women would know a good man for them if he was serving them the wine they were sipping on.

Honestly, if I were a black man I probably would only be open to 2% of the black female population to marry. At the end of the day women in general need to know that when it comes to "love" your education and titles isn't what makes you a "better" candidate. It truly is the great equalizer. It doesn't make you a more viable candidate than the hot chick down the block with the banging laid back personality. Besides, I find more black women took the feminist movement more seriously than it's founders (shrugs). and sidebar...the majority of you and oprah have very little in common. Maybe they should have spent more time perfecting a personality and some common sense as oppose to reading books all day. Isn't it exhausting to try to dominate every aspect of your life? I know I'll get a lot of flack for this but I think any black woman not in the position personally that they want to be in is majority their own fault and noone else's. Stay in your dream land while women like Alicia Keys and Britney Spears take your man.

P.S And any woman over 25 blasting "single ladies" in their car is just pathetic...especially if unmarried and doing so.


Anonymous said...

This was a good post I refuse to watch the video even if they made valid points lol.
I refuse to listen to this negativity and crying about not having a man.

They should be glad to have jesus christ as their man I'm so be it wait til the lord sends you that one.

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree more wit ur quote below! That is the most childish song and def not something for a grown azz woman to be singing.

"P.S And any woman over 25 blasting "single ladies" in their car is just pathetic...especially if unmarried and doing so."