Tuesday, December 15, 2009


On Exes: 
“It’s a business. Once they stop making money off…… of you they stop coming around,” she tells Allure in the magazine’s latest issue.

On Babies:
“To a certain extent, having children did change me, but it made me want to look at the places that I wasn’t great and learn to love myself and take care of myself more.”

On Papazz:
“It’s cool for awhile. You’re happy because it’s part of knowing you’re successful…and then, finally it becomes destructive.”

On Tabloids:
"Not exactly truthful but...Where there's smoke there is fire."

On Working Out:
“Part of my business is about being in shape and looking good. You can’t lie to yourself about it. But I’m not the monster I used to be in the exercise department.”

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