Monday, February 1, 2010


Pink gave the only Grammy worthy performance. By that I mean one of quality..okay and a bit of ass but it was artistic nudity. This is the calibar of performance that would have been more appreciated over 10 years ago when the Grammys actually meant something...

Other notables
-Gaga was same
-Beyonce has no business singing Alanis song and performing without giggling (no homo). and grabbing crotch/military set up was just straight swagga jackin but what's new
-Maxwell is an urban fav but dude puts me to sleep. Collab with Roberta was cool
-That roach Wayne and suburbanite Drake had no business on the stage
-MJ tribute was a snore but Carrie Underwood can blow...Usher cannot

Twitter was all abuzz about this get up on Ciara as she became a trending topic (good, bad or indifferent) all through the show despite the fact that she lost in her category of Pop collabo to someone I've never heard of, she did not perform, and only got 2 minutes of pre grammy arrival interview face time. This is straight from the coutour runway Givenchy (she's the brand's muse so she gets paid for this display) with 250k worth of cartier jewelry. She totaled it up with minimal makeup on that gorgeous face....And the bish made LA times Best Dressed in this get up lmao.... I guess it's all in a day's work.

Although we should not be shocked by Gaga's antics anymore I must say it still won't stop us from talking....Another trending topic on twitter was this # Gaga sprayed on us. The singer won 2 awards in the pregrammy show but was snubbed out of all the televised categories.

In awards BeyoncĂ© collected a historical six trophies, including a bunch of urban categories (since she's prob the only black name they recognized) and Song of the Year for “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).” In one of her acceptance speeches she said “I’d love to thank my family for all of their support, including my husband. I love you,” (translation: not to be outdone by the perfect pic of you and rihanna with juelz accepting that award and for you to please not leave me cuz i can't have yo babies right now, i'll say this since that's what the other women do...) Jay looked touched...All the negroes can have a seance to praise their all mighty now.

Other big winners included Taylor Swift with four, including album of the year, Jay-Z, Black Eyed Peas, and Kings of Leon with three each, and Lady Gaga, Eminem, Maxwell, taking home two a piece. Kanye and Rihanna shared in 2 of Jay-Z's awards for their "Run This Town" collaboration.



karma said...

Well said, well done.
You are my hero.

Anonymous said...

I actually feel bad for Beyonce. The 'husband' she loves is not affectionate towards her at all. He never really embraced her even when she kissed him. I'm starting to think that marraige is staged like everything else in her life.