Monday, November 24, 2008


How are the blogs treating you these days?
I try to stay away from them. Initially they were great, and they just got worse and worse. I don't think people can see who you are from seven episodes that are one hour each.

What do you say to people who call you a gold digger?
They can know that when I married my ex-husband he made $22,000 dollars a year and I was a nurse and a waitress. I knew nothing about what Big Poppa had [financially] for six to nine months. I've been rich and I've been poor and God can take it and give it. Buying the Escalade, I mean good God. People are all going to talk. The check didn't bounce, I still have the car -- nice try people.

What is a typical day for you?
I have an amazing life. My girls go to a private school, and then I come home and have my coffee and chill out. I'm always with my girlfriends. I'm working with a new record label, I have lunch with my girlfriends, pick up my kids and then it's homework time.

New record label?
WEG Records. It's an independent label and they are re-negotiating my contract at this time.

What happened with Dallas Austin?
I have not spoken to him to comment at this point. The way he appeared on the show was definitely not his true character, and it wasn't a good portrayal of what was going on. It's become a joke and he has worked with some major people. I don't blame him at all for what he's saying.

Did you feel misrepresented at any time?
Yes, absolutely. It's for entertainment. My singing career was not an accurate portrayal of me singing. And I drink in every episode it seems. I do love wine but for God's sake! I'm a loyal friend and the way it was portrayed it didn't necessarily show that.

What's going on with Big Papa?
I called off my engagement. The big news is that we are no longer together. I tried to avoid him being on the show. He wasn't kept a secret for any other reason. He is estranged from his wife. There has been so much speculation, and it's funny to me.

How has your life changed since the show went on the air?
Oh lord. Well, I've had to get tougher skin for sure. I take everything kind of personally. I lived my life with my girls, and I no longer have that luxury. Of course you get recognized all the time, which I love. My older one reads the blogs. She's 11. I tell them just to remain true to who they are.

How are things between you, NeNe, Lisa and the rest of the ladies? The reunion looks pretty heated.
Drama drama drama. Some stuff took its toll. It's, “she said, she said.” I'm closest to Sheree at this point. I really like her. It's not exhausting to be around her. NeNe and I are working it out, and Lisa and I are not necessarily speaking at this point.

Are you really 29? Set us straight.
I'm actually 30, and [the controversy] is hilarious to me. In some of the clips there was a ton of makeup on me. In some of the footage I look like I'm 50 years old. I'm 30. I'm like a size 2. People tell me I'm so much prettier in person. TV makes you look so much different. I'm working on shooting a cover of Playboy. I guess 30 ain't that bad.

Will you do another season?
Absolutely. Given the opportunity, I want people to see more of my true character.

Final thoughts?
It's cheesy. It's entertainment. People take stuff to heart. Can you believe I'm the only white woman on the show? I don't even see it that way. It's never been an issue; with the girls or I. it just is what it is. They picked the blond one too. About as white as you can get. It's been a great experience. I don't regret it at all.

And you can hear her 'singing' by clicking HERE

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