Monday, November 24, 2008

TRYING TOO HARD: Beyonce On Set Of Video For "Diva"

Her new album I Am will debut at #1 this week on Billboard reportedly selling around the 500k mark. This is about what her last album sold first week as well and went on to do about 3 million, a far cry from her first album. Her singles are poppin in Japan and the UK. She will debut #1 and Japan and #8 in the UK. The first week number is pretty good especially if it was a artist less well known, however considering the fact that she's been on every music outlet known to man to promote this album...and lil Wayne sold a million copies with less white people knowing his name, less endorsements, and only an appearance on fill in the disappointing blank. Sometimes the #s just don't add up but moving along....

Beyonce continues to release forgettable hits with the next set "Diva' and "Halo." It was suppose to be "Ego" but negro stations got a hold of "Diva' and are playing it (mainly because it's a rip off of an old favorite 'a millie'). Here she is on the set of Diva and from the looks of things PS is ready to project a new Queen of Pop and Circumstance....Rihanna 'Pon da Forehead' Fenty.

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