Monday, November 10, 2008


Love Lockdown remix f/ RKelly

New Brit 'Kill the Lights.' It's okay for Brit

Ursh joins the TPain bandwagon w/ the Tpain produced 'at the time.'....This does nothing for me. Ursh will put out his rerelease at the top of 2009.

Akeys will rerelease in 2009 with this 'Doncha Know' on it. She always takes it back.

Akeys w/ 'saviour' for 2009 rerelease. She got that feel good music. Steak not burgers

Rihanna 'bish, i'm special.' Uhm bish try again. Rihanna has a new lp coming out at the top of 2009

Gaga 'Vanity" a track that didn't make the album. This bish can do no wrong at the moment.

Khaled 'go hard' f/ kanye and tpain. **shrugs**

Beyonce 'h-alo'. Was written by One Republic lead singer for Leona Lewis but Bey hustled the track for her new album. This is nice.

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