Monday, November 10, 2008


Apparently prop 8 (the bill allowing gays to marry) will not pass in California. It was on the ballot in that state (along with a similar bill in other states) and voters rejected it. **sidenote**the votes are still being counted but it looks like it won't pass.

The media is focusing on the fact that negro voters overwhelmingly voted against the right for the gays to marry and they see it as hypocrisy. One article even went on to quote someone saying that 'the black race loves to judge other people…'

Really though, is the mere fact that you are black automatically mean you are for gay rights. Where were statistics of gays voting for civil rights for blacks? And what about the well over 50% of non black voters that went against the bill?

This doesn't reflect my opinion on the matter but putting this on negroes seems ridiculous

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