Monday, September 14, 2009




It's one thing to have an opinion and another to be an ass. We all question award show winners every year and I'm sure celebs do as well. But to go up on stage take the mic and do that truly demonstrates the kind of person you are. And bad things happen to bad people is all Imma say.

Beyonce made sure to get out of dodge and not take the Kanye rant heat by giving up her time to Taylor. Or as I would put it, accepting MTV's demand that she give up her time to Taylor. lol. I got teary though. That was a classy move. And she appears to be beautiful inside and out. Good things happen to good people. Once the moment passed, I was left thinking what kind of underwear those Bey have on? Her behind look like a homo

What was Jlo saying to Eminem when she gave him his award. She was yelling something.It looked like she was saying M'Fer you better not say anything about me while up on that stage.


The MJ Tribute. Brilliant sans the one dancer messing up the smooth criminal lean. Janet did her thing. Look at Beyonce and Jlo cheering like lil school girls, I love it. People question the lipsinging, trust me your favorite does it too. Just because she doesn't hold a mic in her hand shouldn't take anything away. I didn't like Janet's outfit. She looked like she had no neck. Other than that she gave energy and it was hot.

Say what you want this bish SLAYED. She gave you (shout out to Laurean).."performance art." People talk about being so disturbed by the blood yet they watch vampire movies and are fine. Give me a break. The bish gives me Madonna, Grace Jones, Prince, Janet all in one and adds herself. Plus she doesn't give the same performance...she always gives you a different look. And her performance told the story obviously the blood wasn't just for no reason. It was about a girl wanting fame and killing herself because of it. DUH. People need to learn how performance can be art and not just a visual of a person singing and/or dancing. Pure BRILLIANCE.

Beyonce turned it up by doing what she does best and adding more dancers to the party. Kat popping, hair slinging, floor scrubbing, and the single ladies routine in excess. How can you not be entertained. Respect the hustle pimpin.

Pink did her thing last night. Absolutely love this song and what a unique way to present it. By the way this is live singing on the freaking trampeze. Another use of the performance as a metaphor. AND WHAT. She is very underrated in my opinion. From Rnb to Pop to Rock to Dance she does it all effortlessly.

Surprisingly, my fav performance of the night. Jay Z turned up the swag and Akeys just melted my soul. It was so moving. It gave me a since of pride. I can't say enough about how this epitomizes the brilliance of a fitting callabo and the song is just perfect. You can tell Jay loved it as well because he seldom gives this kind of energy in a award show performance...see him dance with Akeys...see Beyonce reppin her man...see that NY swag by the duo..see that build up in the last verse...see Gaga groving in her bird nest...loves it. We are so ready for Akeys and a new album. The girl is so gutta....Enters Lil Mama = WTF, EPIC FAIL.

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