Friday, December 4, 2009


Rihanna did an interview with Big Boy radio and answered who she would "turn off" if she could. She mentioned some Tiffany Evans because this person made comments about her devil worshipping without knowing her. After some research we found that Tiffany is a wannabe pop singer who's been on everything from star search to Oprah...and a Tyler Perry movie and has been trying to be a pop singer since...well she's still trying. Her biggest break into the Hot 100 was when Ciara assisted her in the song "Promise Ring" but after that, noone was interested (not Oprah not Tyler...nothing). As such, she's been disgruntled and bitter, and is rumored to be estranged from her parents and "running through" any industry folk that will give her attention including industry dancers.  She has aired her bitterness out on twitter against both Ciara (the only reason people know her) and Rihanna because they are making money and she has resorted to twitter to vent her frustrations. 

Listen to Rihanna's interview here


Apparently Tiffany responded (on her twitter) "too bad I can sing."

To that I say (on Rihanna's behalf) 'too bad I can get a record out in this century'

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